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Medical Data Management System (Mdms)

MDMS represents a new approach to providing managers of Companies with a large number of personnel, accurate, timely data and information of a practical nature concerning health of all employees. MDMS catalyzes industry medical professionals in providing superior occupational health services to all employees.

MDMS integrates and efficiently manages data from each section of medical facility through an advanced network of medical information exchange. It handles information of employees on pre-employment and periodic medical examinations, illness and accident / injury cases, maintains Patient records and history, prescription information and diagnosis results It also integrates administrative functions like inventory management, patient tracking, scheduling of appointments and follow-up queries while controlling sensitive information through a high level of security.

MDMS allows users to graphically view as well as build their own queries and MIS reports to facilitate intervention at various levels.

BABYSCRIPT is SOFSCRIPT’s own gift for families with Children. Like a baby’s almanac, among Babyscript multiple features is one enabling parents to build a digital diary of observations, photos, sounds, videos for a baby which will be much treasured in the later years. Build the family tree around your baby and track your baby’s growth. Keep also essential information on baby’s vaccination and doctor’s schedules and baby’s diet.

One of SOFSCRIPT’s products that is not related to Healthcare is SOFGOLD.
SOFGOLD is a comprehensive jewelry information system for Companies with a sizable business in jewelry. SOFGOLD is constructed to cater to Companies in wholesale gold and diamonds. The intricate purchase, sale and finance of the wholesale gold and diamond market in the Middle East is enabled. SOFGOLD has some of the easiest to use graphical user interfaces paving the way to smooth implementations.
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